The Manoppello district lies between the River Pescara and Majella’s northwest massif, part of Majella National Park. Seen from the Val Pescara the mountain is furrowed by long valleys, proof of how glaciation shaped the land. Here there the farmland is fertile and the road rising up to Manoppello old town is set amidst vineyards and olive groves, flanked by the waters of the River Alba, as far as some clay hills. Here there are earth houses and ravines, with broom thickets and Mediterranean maquis. Climbing further, there are forests and mountain plateaus whose rolling slopes characterized by limestone evaporites, with chalk and bituminous impregnations. Not surprisingly, from Roman times the area was of great interest for the possibility of bitumen extraction and for the chalk pits still in operation.

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Plastigrafia della Majella versante nord

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