Abruzzo is a region that sets great store by its rites and traditions, some unknown to the general public. Here in Manoppello there are various examples of ancient customs passed down from generation to generation. Below, a chronological list of the main religious festivals and major events that take place in the Manoppello district.

3rd Sunday in May

Feast of the Holy Face, Saint Nicola and Saint Pancras

The event begins on the eve of the procession, during which a vigil is held of the Holy Face in the parish church of San Nicola. The intense calendar of religious celebrations unfolds between the Volto Santo basilica and the parish church of San Nicola, ending with the processions. In the first, the sacred image is moved from the basilica to the church, and the second returns it to the basilica. These celebrations are complemented by performances offered by musicians and entertainers.

5 – 6 August

Feast of the Holy Face – Volto Santo Sanctuary

The feast of the Holy face of Manoppello is celebrated on the same day as the Transfiguration of Jesus: 6 August.

14 – 16 August

Feast of Santa Maria Arabona

Celebrations are held on the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on 15 August. It is usual to have a procession starting from Santa Maria Arabona and a number of side events.

2nd Sunday in September

Feast of Saint Anthony and Saint Pancras – Manoppello Scalo

Competitions, concerts and performances of various kinds as side events to the many religious commemorations of the two saints.

4th Sunday in September

Feast of Saint Roch and Saint Emidius

Traditional religious festival which takes place in the parish of San Nicola. For the occasion there is an auction of ‘Majtelli’, small wooden cones decorated with various gifts of food and wine, homemade in various districts by local families.

14 October

Feast of Saint Callistus Pope – Ripacorbaria

Religious celebrations, theatrical performances and events for children usually fill the days dedicated to the saint.

13 December

Feast of Saint Lucy – Old Town

Religious celebrations in honour of the saint are accompanied by civil celebrations and a number of side events.




L'aneme de le Morte






Mercatino di Santa Lucia



Festa della Birra

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